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Responsible business behavior, and environmentally
sound development & practices

Environmetal & corporate awareness

Enviromentally conscious products & services

We ensure that our environmental responsibility remains integral to our growth

Corporate responsibility

Creativity innovation, top quality
& the ability to inspire

Quality & long lasting work environment

For KALTSIDIS, corporate responsibility
is an indispensable prerequisite for business
excellence. Our focus is on responsible business
behavior, and environmentally sound development
& practices.

Our success is driven and secured by strong
business qualities that include creativity, innovation,
top quality and the ability to inspire both
our employees and our associates.

Our employees are part of a family that ensures
safety and growth, and provides a long lasting work
environment. Most of our employees remain
in the company until retirement and many times,
a second generation continues working for us.

Our Community is important to us therefore each
year we make donations to NGO with a humanitarian
cause. As a member of the Hellenic Timber Association
and the Federation of Industries of Greece,
we are involved in community-based actions
and events.

Natural thinking

“Look deep into nature,
and then you will understand everything better”

Albert Einstein

Wood is a unique natural material. The only
requirement for its production is sunlight.
It is sustainable and reduces carbon footprint
in two key ways. The first is through carbon storage
and oxygen release.

The second is through avoided gas emissions:
Wood requires less energy to manufacture than
any other building material. It has a superior
strength-to-weight ratio that allows us to replace
less environmentally friendly building materials.

At the end of their usability, wood products
can be safely disposed, recycled or up-cycled.

It is a common misconception that buying wood
products leads to deforestation. The use of
responsible suppliers ensures that Sustainable
Forestry is applied, meaning that for every tree
used by KALTSIDIS, more than one tree is being
planted and grown.

Natural thinking


Our environmentally friendly wood glue provides the same level of performance as standard glue but contains materials that are biodegradable and eco friendly. Our high-performance glue achieves an incredibly strong bond when used on interior and exterior woodwork, it is very low in formaldehyde, and because the resulting wood product is entirely bio-based the wood panel can be completely recycled or even composted at the end of its life.

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Natural thinking

Raw materials

We use raw materials
in an environmentally sound manner

In KALTSIDIS we make sure our suppliers provide us
with wood that has not been illegaly harvested,
in violation of traditional or civil rights, or in a way
that threatens high conservation value (HCV) areas.


We use the latest technology and ISO-9001:2015 procedures
throughout our production pipeline which allows us to offer
E0, E0.5, E1 and CARB2 certified high quality products.
In addition, KALTSIDIS holds a FSC® Certificate
(certificate codes SCS-COC-005621, SCS-CW-005621 and license number FSC-C130584).

FSC® is dedicated to the promotion of responsible
forest management worldwide. Look for our FSC®-certified products. We are committed to the FSC® core labour standards. You find our Policy Statement on the FSC Core Labour Standards below by clicking on FSC CLS.

Natural thinking

All waste products
are recycled


We donate part of our scrap
to specialized Waste
Management Companies.

We use the rest in-house to produce
the energy needed, in order to rely less
on fossil fuel and to reduce carbon emissions.

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